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Container control centres

Computer stations
Control centres
GEO Laboratory
Technical specifications:
The basic container is dimensioned according to ISO 1496.1 (CSC) but on request of the customer, we can adapt the production to atypical dimensions and weight.
Electrical installation.
Thermal insulation - reduction of heat transfer is achieved by lining the inner walls with sandwich ISO panels or cassettes with mineral wool.
Sound insulation - noise attenuation is ensured by the internal lining with perforated sheet metal cassettes filled with mineral wool covered with laminate, which together with trapezoidal sheet metal helps to reduce noise.
Air conditioning and heating.
These containers are mainly manufactured with a floor covered with PVC flooring, with an antistatic floorboard or according to the customer's requirements.
They are equipped with additional equipment, such as a desk, shelving systems, etc.
Fastening systems for securing equipment even during transport.
Safety glass (protection of personnel from outside influences).
Coating system according to ISO12944 for various environments from C1 to C5M.