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Containers and container systems for industrial use.

Production of certified containers under the supervision of DNV GL.
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We will provide you with the design, production and delivery of special containers, according to your vision.
In the production of special containers, the company TEM s.r.o. also offers the possibility of certification of containers according to ISO 1496.1 so-called CSC certificate.

We can provide dimensional flexibility (up to 18m long, 4.5m wide and 4.5m high of one module).
Based on the customer's requirements, we can also provide proof of the welding test (capillary, magnetic or ultrasonic test).

Coating system according to ISO12944 for various environments from C1 to C5M. 
By default, we work with colour shades in RAL scales.

We can also provide further tests, testing of containers and verification of documentation with the appropriate protocols for the production of containers.

Our projects

Container for you

We will adapt the container completely and in detail to the customer's ideas or specific technology.
Consulting within the construction of special containers, preparation of documentation, including static calculations.
Production hall, certified welders, UT or PT weld tests, machinery.
Possibility of CSC certification of containers.
Your container may have technological openings, fastening options, partitions, insulation, air-conditioning components as well as any other installations (electrical installation, air conditioning, fire alarm and others).
The container is used to position your technology.

About us

Our company was founded in October 1995. It was originally focused on locksmith production, the production of metal structures and the repair of agricultural machinery.

Gradually, the range expanded to include atypical containers, increasingly complex container systems and later also special lifting equipment for containers.

We obtained certificates such as ISO 9001, ISO 3834, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ECM 2526, we passed welding tests, the acquired the possibility of testing containers for CSC certification, etc. which has continued to help improve the quality of our products.

Over the past 25 years, our products, especially container assemblies (towers) for special conveyor belts during the excavation of metro tunnels have been used in many cities across the world, for example: Tokyo, Sydney, Los Angeles, Moscow, London and others.

Our services

Consulting within the construction of special containers, preparation of documentation, including static calculations
Advantageous ratio of price, quality and delivery date
Term reliability (we guarantee compliance with the agreed deadlines), term flexibility (possibility to change the deadline during implementation)
Smooth implementation of the order from the moment of receiving to delivery (sending photo documentation from the production at agreed intervals)
Flexible response to customer-requested changes at the stage of preparation of drawing documentation as well as at the stage of production
Assembly of your technology in our facility
Base frame and casing welded with full welds (solid industrial version with long service life)
Dimensional flexibility (up to 18m long, 4.5m wide and 4.5m high of one module)
Welding process comprehensively under the supervision of the IWE welding engineer
Special tests of welds (visual inspection, capillary testing, ultrasound, X-ray)
Waterproof floor welds (drip tray up to 1000l according to valid StawaR regulations)
Quality control independent from production
Smplification proposals to facilitate the installation and operation of the customer's technology (technological openings, flanges, holders, auxiliary structures, door systems, thermal and sound insulation, air conditioning components,…)
Quality surface pre-treatment and subsequent surface treatment, coating system according to ISO12944 to various environments from C1 to C5M
Transport of containers to the required place worldwide (also applies to oversized products)
Production insulation and assembly according to customer needs and requirements
Possibility of CSC certification of containers, testing of welds MT, PT, UT, paint protocol static calculations and others
Delivery, connection and installation of air conditioning units