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Containers for technological equipment

Cogeneration units - They serve as a combined unit for the production of electricity and heat
Cleaning equipment
Technical specifications:
Flexible external dimensions.
In case of extreme weight of the device, we can toughen the floor.
Additional floor elements can be added for added safety.
The container floor is designed as a collecting tub, for possible leakage of undesirable substances from the device.
The waterproof tub is equipped with a slatted floor, which in the event of a leakage of undesirable substances served to prevent direct contact with them.
Variability of internal fasteners for all technology components.
The possibility of using a certified fireproof inner lining or insulation.
Increased emphasis on the choice of anti-noise insulation materials.
The solution of the container can be combined with a thermally insulated control room, which is separated from the unit by a sound-insulating wall.
Antistatic floorboards in the staff area.
Fastening systems for securing equipment even during transport.
Other equipment can be air conditioning (dampers, blinds, air ducts).
Coating system according to ISO12944 for various environments from C1 to C5M.