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Containers for electrical equipment

Transformer stations
Control centres
Computer stations
Technical specifications:
The basic container is dimensioned according to ISO 1496.1 (CSC), but at the customer's request, we can also adapt the production to atypical dimensions and the weight of the inserted technology.
The containers are equipped with 4 + 4 ISO container corner elements according to DIN 18800 for safe lifting and fastening during transport.
A fully loaded container can also be handled with a forklift, by using fork tunnels.
Double floor for easy connection of switchboards.
The unit can be inserted via a detachable front side of the container, detachable roof hatches or double-leaf doors.
Insulation of different levels of thickness covered by perforated sheet metal is usually used to reduce noise.
Technological covers for air supply and exhaust can be equipped with silencers and rain blinds.
Transformer room is secured against unauthorized entry.
The interior of the container is equipped with various options for attaching individual technology components (stands, C-rails, plates, etc.).
Coating system according to ISO12944 for various environments from C1 to C5M.